GJSSS Membership is open to scholars working on social science issues in Japan and Germany. Comparative perspectives are particularly appreciated. We conceive of social science as research in a broad yet inclusive trans- and interdisciplinary range, embracing psychology, social psychology, anthropology, history, economics, linguistics, law, educational science, social geography and others in the same way as sociology and political science. Applicants for membership preferably hold a PhD or comparable academic qualification. Apart from full individual membership, GJSSS welcomes supporting individual and corporate members.

The current annual membership fee is 40.00 € for full members, and 80.00 € for supporting members (natural persons), and 125.00 € for supporting corporate entities. Admittance is granted by the board of GJSSS.

Like to become a member? – Please fill in the Application for Membership form and send it to the Executive Board.

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